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Warranty Policy

Dear Customers 

Thank you very much for your support of Sinotex products.
We kindly ask you to pay close attention to the following RMA procedure. This will result in quicker and more efficient handling of the RMA process. In case the procedure described here is not followed strictly, SINOTEX does not accept any responsibility for delays and/or damages resulting from such a delay. 


1.1 DOA (Dead On Arrival)
The defect occurs within 30 business days of the shipment date.

1.2 RMA (In Warranty of Return Merchandise Authorization)
The defect occurs during the warranty period base on the contract of the Distributor from the shipment date and before the warranty has expired.

1.3 ORMA (Out of Warranty Return Merchandise Authorization)
The defect occurs after the warranty has expired.

The above terms are determined by the shipment date on the invoice up to the time the product is returned to SINOTEX. SINOTEX's repair service procedure is as follows.



2.1 Most products provided by SINOTEX will be covered by Twenty Four (24) months (mining products will be covered by three months from invoice date) warranty, effective from the date of the shipment. The warranty period do not cover special items which has been indicated as other warranty period.



3.1 If a defect occurs within 30 business days of the shipment date, the DOA application should be done with written notice of DOA Replacement Form sent to SINOTEX.

3.2 For complete replacement, the Distributor shall return the DOA items within 40 days business days within the shipment date and SINOTEX shall receive them within 50 business days within the shipment date, including the hardware itself, all accessories and user documentation that included in the original package.

3.3 The Distributor pays for the delivery back to SINOTEX appointed RMA service center (delivery to the door only) and SINOTEX pays the freight fee back to the Distributor’s located country.

3.4 SINOTEX is not responsible for any local import custom duties, documentation fee or local transportation fee.

3.5 SINOTEX shall replace the Distributor with the original package as the ordered item. In case the original package cannot be provided, SINOTEX shall provide the Credit Rebate to the Distributor.


4.1 RMA: Obtain an RMA Number request by DISTRIBUTOR only. 

4.2.  Product Check on Arrival

(1) The distributor shall collect 10pcs as minimum requested quantity to obtain RMA number and fill out the RMA request form by sending an email to the corresponding RMA person.


(2) SINOTEX’s repair Service Personnel shall check the RMA request form has been completed with precise information. Once this has been verified, the Distributor will receive an RMA number from the SINOTEX Sales Representative or RMA Service personnel.

4.2 RMA: Package and Delivery

(1) Returned products have to be packed properly to avoid damage during delivery.


(2) RMA and ORMA products: Only the defective product should be returned. Non-defective accessories of RMA and ORMA items (such as user documentation, CD driver, Power Adaptor & Cable) should not be returned.


(3) The Distributor shall indicate assigned RMA number on the package carton before delivery.


(4) To speed up the repair procedure, the Distributor shall notify SINOTEX RMA Service Personnel by email with information that includes the shipping date, quantity, and tracking number of your delivery.


(5) The Distributor pays for the delivery back to SINOTEX appointed RMA service center (delivery to the door only) and SINOTEX pays the freight fee back to the Distributor’s located country.


(6) SINOTEX is not responsible for any local import custom duties, documentation fee or local transportation fee.


(7) SINOTEX has the right to refuse the RMA goods when any of the following conditions occur:

  • RMA Form is not attached to the goods.

  • RMA Number mark is not on the outer cartons.

  • RMA goods without a serial number.

  • The serial number is hard to recognize.

  • There is no serial number label.

(8) For the goods produced by SINOTEX, the distributor shall send defective goods in accordance with the warranty terms of this agreement, to the following addresses:


Consignee: SINOTEX International Ind Ltd.           

Contact unit: RMA Center


P1 , 17/F Block B, Universal Ind Ctr, 19-25 Shan Mei St. Shatin, N.T. Hong Kong

Tel : +852 34290085     Fax : +852 35851196


4.3 Product Check on Arrival

(1) SINOTEX’s RMA Service Personnel will check products within 3-5 days of its arrival.


(2) If the product arrives undamaged and conforms to the conditions described in the RMA request form, it will be transferred to SINOTEX’s RE engineers for repair.


(3) If the product is damaged or there is some inconsistency with the RMA request form description, SINOTEX will contact and confirm the status with the Distributor before proceeding.


4.4 Repair

(1) The repair engineer will repair the defect as described by the Distributor,  

The product will also be tested to ensure it is in proper working order. The lead time for goods return is within 30 business days. (Due to the pandemic the period takes up to 45 days)

4.5 Charge

(1) The Distributor will be charged for repairs if:

     a. ORMA terms apply

     b. RMA or DOA terms apply and the item has been determined by SINOTEX engineer that the defect as non-warranty condition.


(2) Repair engineers will provide a repair report for RMA products that will be charged.


(3) RMA Service Personnel will send a report and P/I to the Distributor for confirmation.

4.6 Package and Shipping


(1) RMA Service Personnel will properly pack the repaired RMA product along with a maintenance report.


(2) The RMA number and quantity will be clearly marked on the package.


(3) The Distributor will receive email notification of the product RMA number, shipping date, and tracking number.




5.1 SINOTEX will not provide the RMA service for those items which has been provided with an additional RMA discount on the Proforma Invoice, Commercial Invoice or free goods buffer to the Distributor.


5.2 SINOTEX  will not provide the RMA service for those goods that are damaged due to some improper operations even though they are still under the standard warranty period. The following are defined as non-warranty situation that are outside the scope of services provided:  

  • Broken PCB due to the improper board installation

  • PCB circuit cut when removing or re-installing BIOS ROM

  • Damage of golden-finger

  • GPU burnout

  • Services not authorized by SINOTEX on the product

  • Customer Self-repair

  • The use of improper power voltage, which causing components to burn out.

  • ESD (static damage)

  • Other conditions due to incorrect operation of the boards

5.3 Product is out of the warranty period as determined by the SINOTEX.

5.4 Product was caused by abuse, misuse or unauthorized repair.

5.5 Any cause external to the equipment including struck by lightning.

If you have any questions regarding RMA procedures please feel free to contact the RMA department.


Best regards,

Service Division

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